Enquiries and furter Information

Please contact Christopher Stevens on 07961 335717 or christopher.stevens15@btinternet.com

Galleries and organisations referencing Gerda’s woirk

Parndon Mill
The Gallery at Parndon Mill, Elizabeth Way, Harlow Essex CM20 2HP
Telephone 01279 426042
Email:  info@parndonmill.co.uk        www.parndonmill.co.uk

The Gibberd Garden
The Gibberd Garden, M arsh Lane, Gilden Way, Harlow, Essex CM17 ONA

Telephne 01279  492112

Email:   http://www.thegibberdgarden.co.uk

Harlow Art Trust / Gibberd Galley

Civic Centre, The Water Oardens, College Square. Harlow CM201WG

Telephone 01279 446404

Email:  gallery@harlowarttrust.org.uk

Art UK    (www.artuk.org)